Terms of Membership

Phitin is a DBA of KBCS Ocean LLC. KBCS is the name used to represent Phitin and KBCS Ocean LLC for the remainder of this document. KBCS materials are copyright protected, intellectual property of KBCS, and only permitted to be used by members of KBCS. All information on Phitin.com and associated sites is owned by KBCS and is not to be distributed without written permission by KBCS CEO Brian Wright. KBCS is an information collection and distribution company for the purpose of business development and does not come with any guarantees or promises.

KBCS is the sole moderator of Phitin.com and has the right to delete any content it chooses. All content posted to KBCS owned and operated sites is the property of KBCS; this includes all media posted by members.

Membership to the community created at Phitin.com or any othe site owned or associated with KBCS, can be revoked at any time, for any reason, and with no refund of payments made for services or membership.

Phitin.com is a social network for member’s to communicate in business related to Phitin and its services. No solicitations of other members is permitted without approval from KBCS. Unapproved solicitation will result in immediate expulsion of member, and forfeiture of membership payments made up to the time of expulsion.
No members are to engage in hostile communications towards each other or KBCS. No pornagraphy or extreme language is permitted anywhere at Phitin.com or KBCS owned sites. No members are permitted to illegally distribute copyrighted materials on KBCS sites.

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