Who Is Brian Wright? Why Phitin?

Brian Wright, a Jersey guy with a passport, Jersey born, raised, and still calling it home. He has seen the world and continues to shrink the space we call earth with constant adventures…

Having been a professional athlete, Brian has pushed myself beyond his limits. As a painter, he has gone deep into understanding creativity. As a coach, he has learned to translate experience to better serve others. As a husband and father, Brian has learned to understand the nature of responsibility and how to love deeply.

What do you do best? For Brian, his best skill is connecting the dots and building businesses. Brian recognizes strength and put plans of action in place to maximize this. You want to dead-lift twice your body weight or make a career out of your authentic skills? Brian can create the action plan to do that. Connecting your skills with your dreams to create something real is what Brian does best. Some days we get dressed up and do this in the boardroom, while others we grab our gym clothes and hit the weight room or step onto the tatami (training floor).

Brian confesses, he is a reformed asshole. After many years of allowing the conditioning of life to rule his world, he woke up. He lost, he gained, and he learned… after many years of being an asshole, Brian just got it. Judge him on his past and you are a fool because you are missing out on the most amazing present and future that is in development. Brian is allowed to change, and so are you.

“We are all works in progress. I have learned and continue to learn. My mission is to share my experience and communicate it in a way that benefits you. I mean that, I really want you to benefit. If we want to change the world, we have to do it one person at a time. You are unique and deserve to be respected for who you are and what you can achieve.

With respect, gratitude, and humility – I invite you into my space with the goal of making it yours as much as it is mine.”

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin


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